Saturday, October 04, 2003

third way

I wonder if it would be possible to live apart from the Vast Machine, quietly, self-sufficiently, creating a physical reality from one’s own inner wants and needs, free from the shaping effects of society. Perhaps one could not survive alone. But as soon as you form a group, even in the smallest numbers, the usual problems arise. Greed. Jealousy. A hunger for control. Hatred. Even in this godforsaken place my occupation results in a welcome worthy of a walking scourge. It is a welcome nonetheless because it would be dangerous to make an enemy of me (this does give me some small satisfaction). But still, if I cannot live alone for fear of going mad, and if I can't live amongst people, for fear of the same, suppose I could live with one other… would it be possible to be happy that way? If it were possible, would I risk my life so freely?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think living life in the third way would be great. if such a thing did exist, i'd do anything to be apart of it

12:04 PM  

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