Saturday, October 04, 2003


I was relieved to drive out of the city, and past the outlying freeway towns, so artificial-looking, with their wide paved streets lined with identical houses. Strange to think at one time I wanted to be like everyone else, functioning within the Vast Machine. If I’m functioning within, I thought, I should give little thought to it—it would be like it doesn’t exist. I wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere. If only it were so easy. For a split second today, though, driving by, I could forget my anxiety about this journey. I was content to not be settled into a routine, to be moving toward an unknown destination. I wish we could just keep driving. Keep moving—they can’t find you as long as you keep moving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you look for something thats moving, it will be hard to find if its standing still

5:23 AM  

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