Tuesday, June 21, 2005


How long did I think it could go on, the two of us, living here, undetected? If it were just me I could hide forever, but I think I have been expecting too much from V. I had only gone for a walk. Actually walking outside is like a gift in itself... V. had found an oddly-shaped piece of driftwood to help me get around. It looks like something that ought to be owned by a mountain man with a wild beard but it works much better than depending on the few corners and counters in our house to prop me up. When I returned to the house, V. was gone. (The cat betrayed its intelligence by promptly slinking under her bed). At sunset she had not returned and I took my sword and circled the house, not sure I'd return. No sign of her in any direction. I settled down to wait, away from the house, not knowing whether to be angry with her or not. What if she had been caught? How could I save her? I heard her approach before I saw her. She was sort of singing to herself. She looked ashamed when she saw me and said she'd gone into town. Did you talk to anyone? Did anyone notice you? Were you followed back? She looked ready to cry. "I'm going crazy with you out here!" she said, and ran inside. Of course she was noticed. Of course she was followed. I sat outside watching and waiting long past nightfall.


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